Streamlit: Integrate ML model on Web App

Streamlit: Integrate ML model on Web App

Hola, this week we will learn about the framework called Streamlit which can be used to deploy the machine learning models on the web i.e., creating the Web App with pure Python. There are many other frameworks available such as Flask, Django any many. However, I found the most simple development of ML Web App on this Streamlit framework. We can create ML or Data Science Web App within hours using streamlit instead of weeks.


For Linux/MacOS

You need to write the below command in your terminal to install Streamlit

pip install streamlit

For Windows

Streamlit has very good documentation. You can find the installation steps of streamlit in windows here.

After installing the streamlit in your machine. To verify it is installed or not. Write the blow command. This will run the hello world app of the streamlit.

streamlit hello
Hello World of Streamlit


I have created the simple demo of MNIST Digit Recognizer using streamlit. You can check the code here and run in your machine. I’ll also deploy the code to the library sandbox public machine. To run the downloaded code use the following command.

streamlit run