Storage Bonanzas!

Storage Bonanzas!

Following this week’s show and tell, I will be talking a little bit about organization. There are many ways to organize electronic parts. As discussed, there is the good old way of reusing cardboard boxes and throwing everything in there. As a step above, you can use giant plastic storage bins and milk crates. For a cleaner and better look, you can find little organizing bins with drawers and stack-able bins to keep everything more compact yet easy to find. As an arbitrary example, this one: is a good example. We have similar ones at the Sandbox to store our electrical components. They sell some of all sizes and prices. You can even use alternatives like these:

Which is what the Arduino sensor kits come in without the main box to hold everything. I also happen to have a tool box with electronics or even dry boxes you can find from military supplies or hunting stores that will keep your electronics dry.

You can actually find some Udemy course on the new free Concordia Udemy about organizing more of your home by TJ Walker and some others.

Do you have any ideas or clever storage techniques? Leave a comment and let us know!


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