Spicing Up Linux Mint

Spicing Up Linux Mint

If you’re like me and love to customize any new software you get your hands on, then keep reading. I find whenever I am able to alter the design of a of software, I am more excited to use it, and therefore more productive.

You can find downloaded themes for a wide range of different softwares and applications, specifically Linux Mint. Where you can easily search for downloadable themes for Linux Mint in your search engine and numerous amounts of sources appear.

This specific tutorial will explain how to download the Canta theme for Linux in a few simple steps, which will all be applied directly into your terminal.

Canta Theme example from https://linuxhint.com/11_best_linux_mint_themes/

Enter in the commands in the order listed below:


sudo apt install git gtk2-engine-murrine gtk-engines-pixbuf


git clone http://github.com/vinceliuice/Canta-theme.git


cd ~/Canta-theme/

sudo chmod +x install.sh


sudo ./install/sh

Once Canta is installed head over to your themes application and chose the new theme options provided, which come with multiple options for each section. Then you’re set to go!

Below there is a link with a more detailed explanation on how to install the Canta theme with a video to help guide you along. It also has a number of other themes you can install for Linux Mint with descriptions on how to bring them into your software!

With this you can even mix and match themes.