SSL on Local WebServer (https://localhost)

When you develop a web application, no matter what is the programming language, you need to have a server to run your application and see the results. Some IDEs make it really easy and you just need to click on a Play button to see your application running. But by default, all of these IDEs…
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Android Application Development: How to build ARCore Android App

In my previous article, I have talked about installing the android studio in the system and the simple Hello World application in android. Today, we are going to talk about how we can develop the AR android application using Sceneform Android Library. So, let’s dig into it. Step 1: Create a new project You can…
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Show and Tell: June 9th at 2pm

Do you love making videos and using video editing softwares that are full of great tools and features for free?! If so this tutorial is for you! In this live Zoom demo I will be showing some fun features in Kdenlive, which is a great free alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro. In Kdenlive I’ll show…
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Motion Tracking in Kdenlive!

Kdenlive is a great open source video editing software that has loads of intricate features to allow you to edit and create complex videos for free! As an avid Premiere Pro user, I highly recommend using Kdenlive since it has a lot of similar features and tools without needing to pay anything.  This tutorial will…
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Phyphox: Perform physics based experiments from anywhere!

Image Source: This week, I want to give a shoutout to a pretty neat application that is available on all android and apple devices called Phyphox. Phyphox is a completely free and very versatile app that essentially turns your smart phone into a mobile laboratory which utilizes many of the sensors in today’s smartphones…
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Import 3D Model to A-Frame AR

In the previous article, we learned how to create a simple AR application using A-Frame. I used a predefined 3D model to demonstrate how A-Frame works. In this article, we learn how to import a 3D model to our application and use it as a floating object in our AR world. 3D model You can…
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June 2 Live Session

Join us here Last minute post, but everyone is welcome!

Android Application Development: Hello World

Today, this week we will talk about how the basic android application is created. Wanna learn how android applications are made? Prerequisites Android Studio Basics of Java programming OOPs concept If you have all these prerequisites, you are good to go for the development of android applications. For starting application development, first, we need to…
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Hello World Tutorial for Coding Newbs

If you’re like me and you’re new to coding software, then this Hello World tutorial is a great one since it’s an awesome way to become more comfortable with commands and command terminology. It gives simple steps to help complete your first window using the KDE framework and code. When beginning this tutorial, you’ll need…
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Become a Jedi: Rotoscoping with Blender.

Image Source: Have you ever watched any of the Star Wars movies and said to yourself “I want to be a Jedi” or maybe you thought the Lightsabers were cool and always wanted one for yourself. Well, the good news is there are all manner of toy-like and authentic Lightsabers out there and the…
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