Emoji Keyboard

Sandbox volunteer Mordechai Zirkind (Mottel) built his own emoji keyboard for Mac from largely 3D printed components. Mottel used this project as an opportunity to learn about both 3D printing and programming boards (it’s also super fun).

Electric Longboard

Not every great project to come through the Sandbox starts off here. Daron Kasbar had already built his electric longboard before discovering the Technology Sandbox, but he made use of the Sandbox to make it waterproof. Kasbar shared this picture of his longboard and its controller with us.

LED sign

Volunteers are doing great work in the Sandbox, including solving technical problems for us! Pictured above is an LED sign that displays each of our 3D printer’s status;  if you have found this sign useful in knowing which 3D printer to slice your project for, you have Sandbox volunteer Pavel Balan to thank!

Head-up display

Sandbox regular Michael Naccache has been prototyping a head-up display (HUD). Not everything is working perfectly yet, but it’s looking good so far!

Life’s Battle Plan

Sandbox user and volunteer Jane Sorensen has had a busy year. She’s been designing Life’s Battle Plan- Tactical Chronograph ( think a better version of a day planner) to help other busy people accomplish their goals.

Custom 3D Printed Lamp

Sandbox user Jay Jennifer Han shared some images of a lamp she designed with many 3D printed components and custom electronics. It’s inspiring stuff!


Debora Alanna and Tai Dunkley-Whelon are collaborating in VR, using the Tilt Brush software to create a story in a drawn environment. The work will be rendered in video and available in VR. Imports of laser scans of carved works as objects and uploads of 2D PNGs complement VR drawing. This multidimensional, multimedia terrain originated as…
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