3D Printer Basics

My name is Michael. I am an ENCS student and was a regular at the Technology Sandbox before becoming an employee. My interests cover a little bit of everything, like a jack of all trades, with a focus on micro-controllers and things with motors. Aside coding and technology, I also enjoy fixing motorcycles and hacking…
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3D Printer Basics – Supports

Now that we’ve covered Slicers during last week’s edition, it’s time to check out supports. Support is when you have something floating in mid-air with nothing under. This is usually called overhang. Since the 3D printers we’ve talked about here build layer by layer with something supporting it under every time, if you were to…
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Velociraptor Skull

  Sandbox user Chirag Patel worked very hard to get this complex, multi-part print completed. He chose this velociraptor model from, which you can see here, in part because its complexity would push his 3D printing skills further. The final results look great, and it really showcases how multi-part prints can come together into…
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3D Hologram Pyramid

Sandbox assistant Ariana Hipsagh and Sandbox regular Rebecca Rogers worked on building this hologram pyramid. If you are curious about how this works, the instructions and a brief explanation can be found here.

What Comes Next

Sandbox Assistant and Educational Technology student Charlotte Rollert created a series of interactive video paintings. As the viewer enters the space, the speed of the video changes. The installation was created using bash, Python, Raspberry Pi and a motion sensor. Check out a video here.

Challenging Puzzle

Artist and 3D modeler Feliz Tupe created this beautiful and challenging puzzle using Blender and our 3D printers. What an awesome gift!

3D Printed Jewelry

  Sandbox assistant Charlotte Rollert has been making stackable toys and 3D printed jewelry and coating them with food grade epoxy resin. Find out more about the material she uses here. It is available at Deserres now too!

Quatum Air Hockey

In association with Foulab, a local hackerspace, Sandbox regular Anghelos Coulon and your favorite Sandbox Technician Sean (Tailor) Cooney built a quantum air hockey table. It was a big hit at last week’s Montreal Mini Maker Faire. Check out the video and tweet from Kid Koala here.

Epic dice tower

Ever found that rolling a dice was simply not dramatic enough for you? Or maybe you have serious doubts about your friend’s rolling ethics? Sandbox user Michael Luger solved this problem by printing this epic dice tower.  Check out the original design on Thingiverse.