YouTube: Stream the audio and video Ad-Free

Hello, this week we will talk about the free version of YouTube Music and stream the videos without any ads which mean you don’t have to pay for purchasing the subscription for the ad-free music and videos. You can have a subscription-free mobile app and desktop software. 🤩😎 Follow the steps to have a free…
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Stellarium: Gaze at the Stars of a Simulated Universe

Image Source: This week, as part of our weekly community presentations, in which I hosted, we had taken a quick look at the free open-source astronomy software known as Stellarium. Have you ever considered becoming a junior astronomer but you just didn’t have the proper equipment or perhaps you lived in a big city…
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The Easiest Way to Create an Interactive Fiction Game

Twine, created by Chris Klimas, is a free, open-source software that can be used online and offline to easily create interactive fiction games. The clean interface and tools make even the most complicated game enjoyable to create.  Twine has great style formats that make it easy for anybody, especially those who are unfamiliar with coding,…
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Gaze at the Stars with Stellarium : Show & Tell July 21st @ 2:00 pm

Image Source: Ever wanted to be a junior astronomer but you just don’t have the proper equipment or perhaps you live in a big city with far too much light pollution? Even if the idea has you somewhat interested, come and join us This Wednesday, July 21st at 2pm on Zoom HERE where we…
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AutoDesk TinkerCad: Free & Accessible Arduino Simulation!

Image Source: Recently, I was introduced to a website called AutoDesk TinkerCad, and while I have been familiar with its “3D-Designs” functionality, I only recently discovered that it has a pretty nifty Arduino Simulator as well. I wanted to make a quick mention of it because the Technology Sandbox is looking to open sometime…
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Photopia: One of the Best Interactive Fiction Games

Photopia is an interactive fiction game made by Adam Cadre in which you can make decisions for the character and shift the direction of the story at your own will. You can decide whether to move east or west, the dialogue, what to pick up, and so much more. The premise of an interactive fiction…
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Live Session 14 July

Grab a snack with you. We gonna try to beat the machine learning model. Join here.

PyGame: Let’s beat the machine learning model

Today, this week we will be doing a fun activity as we always do but this time we will try to beat the machine learning model. Wait, what!!! Can it be possible?? I don’t know the answer to the question.😬 But this is the competition between us and the machine learning model. Let’s start setting…
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SageMath: An Open-Source Alternative to Mathematica & Maple.

Image Source: Many of you may be familiar with programs such as Maple & Mathematica, which are considered to be CAS: “Computer Algebra Systems” with features covering many aspects of mathematics, such as Algebra, Calculus, Number Theory, Number Analysis, Statistics and Combinatorics. It is quite common to find these programs utilized in some upper…
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Streamlit: Integrate ML model on Web App

Hola, this week we will learn about the framework called Streamlit which can be used to deploy the machine learning models on the web i.e., creating the Web App with pure Python. There are many other frameworks available such as Flask, Django any many. However, I found the most simple development of ML Web App…
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