Myo Armband Complete Destruction

Myo Armband Complete Destruction

I was recently tasked to do a teardown of a Myo Armband. If you’re not familiar with it, the Myo Armband is a bracelet with muscle sensors you put on your arm (ha! who would’ve guessed?). In essence, when you move your fingers, wrist or arm, it moves the muscles inside and the Myo detects the movement. Depending what you do, it reads different things and can interface with various devices to act as a controller. Here’s a video to show some of the stuff it does:

Unfortunately, the company has changed name and then has been bought out by Google so its website and most of the documentation for it has disappeared with it.

So now why would I dismantle it? Well, I was initially tasked with a small tear down to see how it works.

Here is one of the teardown video I tried to follow:

Clearly having butter fingers, I ended up breaking one of the cables linking the sensors I didn’t see in tear down videos (right in the bottom bracelet) and decided it was time to finish the job. There is a ribbon connecting all the parts together inside the bottom bracelet that is extremely hard to undo without cutting all of it at the same time.

Here are the pictures of the teardown:

The top bracelet
The bottom bracelet with a hidden ribbon linking all parts together inside the bracelet
My first broken sensor
The way the ribbon is inside the bracelet. One side of it is glued.
Charging board/battery
All the sensors, the two battery boards with sensors and the main controller