Motion Tracking in Kdenlive!

Motion Tracking in Kdenlive!

Kdenlive is a great open source video editing software that has loads of intricate features to allow you to edit and create complex videos for free! As an avid Premiere Pro user, I highly recommend using Kdenlive since it has a lot of similar features and tools without needing to pay anything. 

This tutorial will show you how to use the Auto Mask effect on a video sequence, as well as how to apply the keyframes it generates to an image if you so desire.

The instructions below are for the Auto Mask effect and how to apply it to a video clip:

  1. Import clip into Kdenlive
  2. Drag clip into timeline
  3. Add auto mask effect
  4. Drag and drop auto mask effect onto video sequence
  5. Adjust the rectangle on where you want to track by changing the size and placement

6. Change the Maximum x and y distances to 500 pixels  

7. Press analyse 

Currently, on the new version of Kdenlive there is an error with importing keyframes from clipboard so in order to solve this error, and to continue on with this tutorial, watch this video . This will give you instructions on how to install the latest Kdenlive nightly builds which should solve the problem with importing from clipboard or any other problems that you’re currently experiencing.

The instructions below are for adding an image to your video clip and having it move with the video by using the Auto Mask’s keyframes.

  1. Right click I your project bin and add a title clip
  2. Add an image to the title clip (I recommend using a transparent)
  3. Then press create
  4. Drag the new title clip into the timeline above the video sequence
  5. Add the effect transform to the title clip
  6. Go back to the auto mask effect added on to the video sequence
  7. Click Tracking data to copy keyframes to Clipboard
  8. Revert back the title clip and click the Options button and select Import keyframes from clipboard
  9. Play the on the Project Monitor and it should work!