How to Make Pixel Art

How to Make Pixel Art

You know pixel art from retro games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario, but even now many indie games feature pixel art. Some of my favourite pixel art games are Celeste with its super smooth animations and Hyper Light Drifter with its cyberpunk colour palette and detailed environments.

To get started making pixel art, I’ve collected some different programs and softwares depending on what you want.

Piskel is a free, browser-based pixel art editor that’s super easy to start using and will be perfect for most beginning pixel art projects.

Gimp is a free photo editing/art software similar to photoshop. Gimp can also be used for making pixel art and has some more advanced features than Piskel.

Some tutorials and inspiration I use often are MortMort’s youtube videos for pixel art tutorials: and Slynyrd’s blog with pixel art inspiration and tutorials: