Fun With Physics: A Quick Look at Blender’s Built-in Fluid Dynamics

Fun With Physics: A Quick Look at Blender’s Built-in Fluid Dynamics

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This week, for the final Sandbox meeting of the summer, we are going to take a quick look at a very cool feature in Blender. As we have seen, Blender is a great open-source (and free) alternative to many other 3D Computer-based graphics software, and it is capable of many things, one of those being Physics Simulation. This week, we are going to specifically look at how Blender simulates various fluids.

If you do not already have Blender, you can find it HERE.

Detailing fluid dynamics in Blender is more of a show and not tell, so there isn’t much I could say here, especially if you were able to make the Sandbox meeting where we explored the feature; However, if you are interested, you can follow along with a few short videos, the very same that I used to learn how to access the featured water physics.

At the Sandbox meeting, we simply created a basic 3D domain and demonstrated how to simulate water flow, but the sky is the limit with regards to this feature and there are certainly all kinds of creative ways you can make use of the water physics simulated in Blender.

Video by Wintergreen Arts on YouTube
Video By 3D Tinkerer on YouTube

I do hope that I get to see some of you on Wednesday, if not then be sure to check these small YouTube tutorials out as they will be very similar in scope. Happy Physics-ing and enjoy the rest of your summer!