Don’t Burn This Summer!

Don’t Burn This Summer!

While perhaps a bit late to the summer party, it’s not too late to make a UV Sensor!

Following my last post about UV light, this is a nice follow up and a good practice for micro controllers. Using an Arduino and one of the easily available UV sensors, you can make your own device to see UV level. It can be to see the UV from the sun, testing disinfection lamps or various other projects like measuring your plants under UV light (Note that they may not be 100% accurate without some calibration).

A short guide about it is here:

A longer guide that covers UV light again and the two most common sensors is here:

Note that if you’ll use the SENS-43UV sensor, the second guide talks about the AREF to make it more precise. It is the only one out of the two to be able to read UV-C as well.