Do you really know Udemy?

Do you really know Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform. You can find over 130000 courses about all kinds of things. Concordia provides free Udemy classes from Udemy Business, including less but more focus on improving interpersonal skills.

Log into Udemy from myConcordia-accounts and settings-Udemy, use your netname and password and you can start using Udemy.

You can search for the topic of what you want to learn and Udemy will provide you their courses.

There are some functions that I really like. First is the learning path. You can find the courses or even take some videos out from the courses and make them into a learning path that makes sense to you; you can also have access to other user’s learning path if you find the course itself doesn’t satisfy you. You can find the function in the “my learning” tab.

The second function that is really convenient is the taking note function. You can take notes on the time stamp, your note will show up at the place you need to pay attention, and it will show where other users are taking notes at, so. it reminds you that the content there is important.