Cucumber Quest: The Cutest Virtual Book of All Time

Cucumber Quest: The Cutest Virtual Book of All Time

Image from and created by Gigi D.G.

Are you bored out of your mind and have no more interesting and fun graphic novels to read? Then Cucumber Quest is the solution for you! Cucumber Quest is a virtual based comic made by Gigi D.G. which is free and easily accessible online. The book follows the story of two young bunny kids trying to save Cake Castle and the world. The plot follows Cucumber on the journey of become a Legendary Hero with his sister, Almond, and their new found friend Sir Carrot (the knight). The story is full of humorous jokes and moments which often challenge the mainstream storyline of the ‘heroes journey’ and its overly exhausted tropes. But it also carries a lot of heartfelt moments with storylines of love, heartbreak, and family. This book hits all the notes of being an easy, lighthearted read, especially good for getting the reader in a good mood.

The character and environment design as well as the colour palette, are refreshing to the eye since they are bubbly and cheerful throughout. The design and text throughout the chapters are simple and easy to read but the storyline is what truly draws you in. The characters are one of the best aspects of the entire story, since the protagonists are easily loveable and the antagonists are quite annoying but it the most humorous way.

If you love Adventure Time and even Homestuck, I believe you will love and admire Cucumber Quest. It’s fun, cute, and silly all in one, which makes it perfect for any setting and moment in time, and it it being free truly makes it a real catch!

To view the Cucumber Quest free through the website click here!

To purchase Cucumber Quest in paperback or Kindle click here! and created by Gigi D.G.