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LED Controller Using an Arduino and MOSFET

Over the semester, I was interested in building an LED controller to control the intensity of lights and I figured I would share a very basic way of doing it. I couldn’t find any guides that were exactly what I wanted but this might be useful to some. The plan was to run 12v LEDs…
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Control Your PC Gaming

Since finals have ended and we have an extended winter break, its time to take a break from work and have some fun playing video games. If you want to do some PC gaming, but don’t want to use a keyboard, you can grab a controller from another console and use it to play on…
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Show & Tell Dec. 17!

This week’s show and tell will be about machine learning ideas and a short presentation! Join us to see different ideas and to share yours alongside any projects you’re working on! It starts at 14:30 and goes for an hour. ID: 874 0344 0587Password: 917048

Python Color Detector

Colour detection is the process of detecting the name of any color. Simple isn’t it? Well, for humans this is an extremely easy task but for computers, it is not straightforward. Human eyes and brains work together to translate light into color. Light receptors that are present in our eyes transmit the signal to the…
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My Dear Watson, What Have You Cooked Today?

Have you ever heard of the term “cognitive cooking” ? When you thought machines are taking over many aspects of our lives and they couldn’t take over more, here I present you Chef Watson by IBM! Essentially a computer that has been trained to recognize food pairings and flavours, it has released it’s first cooking…
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Getting Started with Unreal Engine

Besides Unity, another free game engine is the Unreal Engine by Epic. Unreal is an engine used my many indie and professional game studios. The Concordia Udemy site has a great course that takes you through Unreal and the language used for it, C++. You can find the course HERE.

Crawling Your Way through the Web, One Hiss at A Time.

If you’re building a bot or trying to collect data from a website, web scraping is the way to go. Web scraping pulls text from website and lets you format and save the data in an easy format like json. The easiest way to make your own web scraper is with python and the library…
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Bench Press Your PC Today!

Being in the market for a new PC, sometime it’s nice to check benchmarks for the PC or laptop you are considering. You can even run them on your current machine and compare the scores you get on various websites online. Here’s a guide that covers a few examples: More than that, common ones…
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Show and tell Dec. 10!

For this time’s show and tell, we will talk about playing tic tac toe in JavaScript as a two player game or with the AI. Meeting start at 2:30 and go for about an hour. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 818 9089 1059Passcode: 796705

JavaScript Tic Tac Toe

Building a simple Tic Tac Toe game with JavaScript is another excellent project idea you can finish in a single day. You will create a 3×3 grid where two players will take turns marking the grid with cross and circle symbols. The first player to get three marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row…
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