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Blender Tutorial: Materials and Shaders

This week we’ll be looking at another way to add colour to your 3D models using materials and shaders. With materials and shaders, you can replicate the look of glass, fabric, ceramic, grass, hair, and much more. Texturing and UV mapping is generally better for toon styled colouring, while materials are better suited for replicating…
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3D Printable Maps

3D models of real-world places used to require an entire survey team and hours upon hours of labour. With 3D printing and Google maps, the work involved is now trivial. To begin with, here is a tutorial from PrusaLabs on how to acquire and manipulate the terrain data. The PrusaLabs tutorial is primarily for 3D…
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3D Printer Basics – Slicers

In this following episode of 3D printers basics, I thought it would be good to talk about “slicers”. Slicers are software that take the file you wish to print and translate it into something called GCode – which are essentially instructions for the printer to follow step-by-step. There’s a few slicing software out there: Cura:…
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Being an iPad artist (illustrating)

iPad enables a lot of its users to have their artist dream come true. Simply download procreate, a number one creativity application in your apple store that saves you tons of money and energy and you can get started by watching this tutorial!

3D Printer Basics – Bed Leveling

This week will continue the topic of 3D printers and common issues. Starting at the basic, we will go for bed leveling. A bed that is not level can cause many of the issues that were present in last week’s guides. While there are many guides available online and YouTube videos, I selected this one…
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Built-in 3d scanner for the new iPad

My name is Alina and I’m from supply chain management JMSB. I was volunteering at the sandbox before becoming an employee. I recently got an iPad and I’m really interested in its new features.Knowing new technology and having new equipment to play with are always excited.Before, if you want to 3d scan using an iPad…
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Blender Tutorial: UVs and Textures

After learning basic 3D modelling in Blender, this week I’ll go into a bit about UVs and textures. UV unwrapping and texturing is how you add colours and designs onto your 3D model. I suggest practicing with a simple model at first, such as a cube or a cylinder. UV unwrapping can get quite complicated…
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Blender Tutorial: Modelling

My name is Natalia, and I am a student in Computer Science. Besides programming, I like to do 3D modelling in Blender and video game development in Unity. Over the summer I will be sharing links to various Blender tutorials and showing off some special features of Blender such as 2D animation. The first tutorials…
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3D Printer Basics

My name is Michael. I am an ENCS student and was a regular at the Technology Sandbox before becoming an employee. My interests cover a little bit of everything, like a jack of all trades, with a focus on micro-controllers and things with motors. Aside coding and technology, I also enjoy fixing motorcycles and hacking…
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3D Printer Basics – Supports

Now that we’ve covered Slicers during last week’s edition, it’s time to check out supports. Support is when you have something floating in mid-air with nothing under. This is usually called overhang. Since the 3D printers we’ve talked about here build layer by layer with something supporting it under every time, if you were to…
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