Blender Tutorial: Animation

Blender Tutorial: Animation

So this week we’re moving on to animating in Blender. Blender’s been used by many studios to make some amazing 3D animated shorts. Here’s a few animated shorts as some examples of what can be done in Blender.

Spring by Blender Animation Studio:

Hero created by Daniel Martinez Lara and his team (they also share resources from the production of the movie on their site):

Blender can do both 3D and 2D animation, or a mix of both. I’ll share some tutorials for the basics of 3D animation to get you started, then I have a tutorial on how to use Greasepencil, a tool used for 2D animation in Blender (it’s what was used to create the second animation, Hero).

Blender Animation Tutorial. Start here to get an idea of the animation workflow and what keyframes are and how to create them.

Greasepencil Tutorial. This tutorial gives a rundown of how to create 2D animations in Blender. Extra note, Dedouze’s artwork is featured on Blender Foundation’s site and in the splash screen for Blender 2.82!