AutoDesk TinkerCad: Free & Accessible Arduino Simulation!

AutoDesk TinkerCad: Free & Accessible Arduino Simulation!

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Recently, I was introduced to a website called AutoDesk TinkerCad, and while I have been familiar with its “3D-Designs” functionality, I only recently discovered that it has a pretty nifty Arduino Simulator as well.

I wanted to make a quick mention of it because the Technology Sandbox is looking to open sometime in August, but until then, we are unable to issue rentals, So if you are like me and do not own your own Arduino Kit nor have you ever used one, AutoDesk TinkerCad is a great free Alternative!

As it turns out, since starting this project, I have acquired an actual Arduino kit with which to practice (more on that in the future) but messing with TinkerCad was extremely fun, intuitive, and conducive to learning. The website’s simulator gave me a great alternative to a hands-on experience and is even proving to be complimentary to the circuits portion of my Summer Electricity & Magnetism course.

If you are interested in getting started with learning Arduino for free check out these Tutorials I have compiled, they include a few quick videos but also a link to the built-in circuits lessons from AutoDesk TinkerCad themselves.

1) Mr. Z’s tutorial Playlist : HERE
2) AutoDesk TinkerCad Video Tutorials HERE
3) **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED** AutoDesk TinkerCad Built-in Homebrew Interactive Lessons HERE

Some Lessons
Some More Lessons

So Get To It! Learning how to operate Arduinos and Circuits (whether simulated or physical) can be a very rewarding experience. Check out AutoDesk TinkerCad’s Arduino Simulator and come check out The Technology Sandbox’s Workshops which often feature Aduino assembly, and come September be sure to visit the Sandbox on location and get your hands on Arduino Kit!