Author: alina

Learning how to code with Swift – building ios applications

In the last tutorial of the ios application building, I learned that I need to start with knowing how to code with Swift. I already downloaded Xcode (go check the last tutorial!) and I will be work from there. This tutorial is three hours and a half long but it is divided into very easy…
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Building a phone application

Have you ever think of building an application of your own and don’t know what to do, or have an idea for a phone application but don’t know where to start. This video will show you how to build a phone application from scratch, what software you need to have, and what language you need…
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Build a lego-powered submarine

If you are a lego lover just like me, here is an interesting video or even a building challenge for you.

iPad music production (Garageband)

GarageBand is a music production software designed for IOS system. It is completely free to download and have a very easy to use interface. There are a lot of artists use GarageBand One of them is Rihanna’s “Umberlla” Here is a tutorial to get you start with this amazing software. If you are looking…
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iPad note-taking skills

Taking nice and clear lecture notes is an important skill to have for students, especially during this critical time when everyone is attending online classes. If you have an iPad on hand and ready to bring your note-taking skill to a newer level, this tutorial will show you what you need to start. To…
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Being an iPad artist (music production)

Producing music on an iPad is no longer a secret, but when you’re watching a cool music production video, have you ever think that you can do it yourself! If you are just about to start creating, this tutorial is perfect for you. .

Being an iPad artist (illustrating)

iPad enables a lot of its users to have their artist dream come true. Simply download procreate, a number one creativity application in your apple store that saves you tons of money and energy and you can get started by watching this tutorial!

Built-in 3d scanner for the new iPad

My name is Alina and I’m from supply chain management JMSB. I was volunteering at the sandbox before becoming an employee. I recently got an iPad and I’m really interested in its new features.Knowing new technology and having new equipment to play with are always excited.Before, if you want to 3d scan using an iPad…
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