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How bone conduction headphone works

I just got a phone conduction headphone and it works really well! So I was wondering how it works, so here is a video on how they work, comparisons between the two versions .

Do you really know Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform. You can find over 130000 courses about all kinds of things. Concordia provides free Udemy classes from Udemy Business, including less but more focus on improving interpersonal skills. Log into Udemy from myConcordia-accounts and settings-Udemy, use your netname and password and you can start using Udemy. You…
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Resin printed keycaps

I will have two keyboards coming but haven’t got any keycaps for them, so I just want to try what if I print one using a resin printer. First step I found some design that I want to put on the keycaps, I found a bender (the robot from Futurama) one, then I check what…
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touch bar games

Do you have a mac pro with a touch bar? If you have one or planning on getting one, There are some cute you can play using your touch bar! touch bar pet is a touch bar game you can download for your Mac pro touch bar, similar to the popular Tamagotchi digital pet, when…
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Show & tell November 5th

For this time’s show and tell, I will be showing how I made my first IOS application following Udemy tutorial with swift as a beginner using Xcode. The meeting starts at 2:30 and goes for about an hour. Meeting ID: 821 3245 7120 Password: 123456

Learning Swift step by step

Swift is a programming language for the IOS system, I myself, as a big fan of Apple products was really interested in making an application of my own. Programming sounds scary so it took me a while to get me into the right mindset to take on the challenge. However, once I started I found…
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Why mechanical keyboards -keyboard sizes

Before I got into mechanical keyboards, I thought keyboards come in at most two sizes, the keyboard like the one in every laptop and the “bigger ones” with a number pad and other things. Now I know that there are way more than that. Other than that, they are not only come with the most…
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Show & Tell! 08.Oct 2020

This week’s show and tell will be all about Mechanical keyboards. I explain how they function and take apart a keyboard to show you how it works! It starts at 14:30 and goes for an hour. Zoom Meeting ID: 788 751 7568 Password: 244979

Why mechanical switches

The world is divided into two, those who use a mechanical keyboard and those who don’t. A mechanical keyboard is not just a more expensive option for geeks. It is a unique typing experience that can be tailored to different needs. Whether you want to type quietly in a library or loud enough to wake…
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Why Mechanical keyboards

The main difference between mechanical and a prebuilt keyboard that comes with your computer is probably the switches. These switches are made of several moving parts when you press the key, the two metal contacts connect, registering your keypress to the keyboard’s circuitry. the circuitry is called a PCB (printed circuit board) PCBs are used…
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