Author: Adin

Casino Number Guessing Game with C+

This is an exciting project, where we will learn about the library used for random numbers: cstdlib. The program asks for a betting amount and then asks the user to guess a number on rolling. If the random number generated matches the user input, he wins, else money is deducted. The user can keep playing…
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Show and Tell Feb 16th

We will have our usual show and tell this week. We are going to talk about Big Data! Join the zoom meeting Join the zoom meeting HERE at 1pm on Tuesday, February 16th. Or with meeting ID: 829 7708 3019 and password: 982778.

Student Report Management System

Through this project, we can learn a lot about input/output streams and the file management system of C++. Our program collects student details like name, roll number, marks in each subject, and calculates their grade. This is a simple console app. Note that we focus only on the correct inputs in this project, and you…
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Bookshop Inventory System with C++

This is a simple project where the system maintains the inventory of books in a bookshop. If a customer purchases a book, the book’s count will decrease; if a book is added, the same is updated. Notice the use of pointers. You can modify the code to add a book ID and make the search…
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Car Rental System with C++

This is a trendy project and very useful for learning about keyboard events, date-time functions, and implementing a C++ login system. The program has separate menus for admin and other users. There are also methods to calculate fares based on time and distance, including displaying car details, availability, etc. Check the source code on GitHub.…
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Angular Chess

I love playing chess. I also love programming. How to marry the two? How about playing chess against a chess engine (chess playing program) that I have designed and wrote? If you are intrigued- read on! This is the first blog post in the series about building my chess engine in Java. The rules of…
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Login and Registration System with C++

To practice learning C++, you can do a lot of projects from easy to advanced levels. Each of these projects that we are going to talk about during this semester will teach you something new so that you are familiar with the most important topics that will always come in handy when you build real-world…
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Build A JavaScript Mouseover Element

Another bit of JavaScript goodness you’ve come to rely on online is the mouseover effect—instances where hovering a mouse over a certain icon or area on a screen produces an action or result from the spot where you’re hovering. Mouseovers are a routine part of JavaScript development, so spending your time on a quick mouseover…
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Python Color Detector

Colour detection is the process of detecting the name of any color. Simple isn’t it? Well, for humans this is an extremely easy task but for computers, it is not straightforward. Human eyes and brains work together to translate light into color. Light receptors that are present in our eyes transmit the signal to the…
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Show and tell Dec. 10!

For this time’s show and tell, we will talk about playing tic tac toe in JavaScript as a two player game or with the AI. Meeting start at 2:30 and go for about an hour. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 818 9089 1059Passcode: 796705