Author: Adin

Python HTTP Server

Welcome to another Python tutorial everyone! Web severs are everywhere. Heck you are interacting with one right now! What is an HTTP Server? An HTTP web server is nothing but a process that is running on your machine and does exactly two things: 1- Listens for incoming http requests on a specific TCP socket address (IP address…
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Build a Javascript Maze Game!

HTML and CSS are important building blocks in web development,  but JavaScript is the programming language that moves websites from function to fun. So it’s no surprise that games are on the list of fun JavaScript projects that let you practice your skills without falling asleep at the keyboard.  Martin’s Codepen maze is a perfect example…
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Show & Tell! 15.Oct 2020

This week’s show and tell will be all about assembling PCs! I explain how you can assemble your own gear and customize it depending on your usage! It starts at 14:30 and goes for an hour. Zoom Meeting ID: 852 0235 5041 Password: 185077

Snake Game Python Tutorial

I’m sure you all have played this game before so there’s no need for an intro for this one! In this post, we want to write the game itself — with python! You can find a YouTube video explaining the process HERE and the code HERE. Good luck!

Bash Scripting Tutorial for Beginners

Bash is a command language interpreter. It is widely available on various operating systems and is a default command interpreter on most GNU/Linux systems. The name is an acronym for the ‘Bourne-Again SHell’. You can find a beginner’s tutorial HERE.

A Review of LMMS

LMMS (formerly Linux MultiMedia Studio) is a digital audio workstation application program. When LMMS is executed on a computer with appropriate hardware, it allows music to be produced by arranging samples, synthesizing sounds, playing on a MIDI keyboard, and combining the features of trackers and sequencers. You can learn more about this software and how to setup it HERE. I personally liked the…
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Lolcat Clock!

JavaScript code makes it possible to coordinate the lolcat images with set times picked by the user or by pushing the “Party Time!” button. I can haz time? Yes, you can. With knowing a bit of Html, CSS, and JavaScript, you can create a ton of interesting websites for fun or even for small businesses!…
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