A scary and delicious Halloween. Trick or Treat!

A scary and delicious Halloween. Trick or Treat!

While this year Halloween may be different than some, that’s not an a reason to not have some fun with some Halloween ideas!

Different than regular posts, here’s some scary ideas for you this October!

Need a cocktail to relax? Enjoy a refreshing melon and gin cocktail.

The foamy white can be achieved by beating some egg-white (for a while by hand)! Even better scarier if you have a beaker or Erlenmeyer flask!

Feeling snack-ish? Here’s some easy and delicious cinnamon rolls with a un-twist!
Delicious and fast with no commitment other than your waistline. If you seek to make it from scratch, there are better recipes available. The idea is similar to regular cinnamon rolls but with some food coloring and a different shape.

Feeling techy? Here’s a pumpkin to actually send a chill down your spine:

An awesome combination of Halloween and servos controlled by a small arduino, the pumpkin does look scary. Cool project with a very ingenious way to make the eyes move. Could be reused in other projects!

Enjoy this Halloween!

As an end, here’s a classic Halloween video to watch: