Let the computer fill in colors of black and white images…!!!

Today, we will talk about that how can we use computer vision techniques to color black and white images. Woohoo!!! DeOldify is a colorizer made by Jason Antic with fastai. Coloring the black and white images with neural networks traditionally produce dull colors. So such limitations were minimized with the use of GANs. The use…
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3D Geeks: Everything you need to know

Hello, Today we will talk about the 3D Geeks app which provides all the features such as finding, saving, and uploading 3D models to your printer. To perform the 3D printing, first, we need to find the 3D model from websites such as Thingiverse, then we have to device to slice the model file into…
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Fun With Physics: A Quick Look at Blender’s Built-in Fluid Dynamics

Image Source: This week, for the final Sandbox meeting of the summer, we are going to take a quick look at a very cool feature in Blender. As we have seen, Blender is a great open-source (and free) alternative to many other 3D Computer-based graphics software, and it is capable of many things, one…
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Show & Tell: Fluid Dynamics in Blender-August 11th at 2:00 pm

Remember to come and join us on Zoom HERE this Wednesday, August 11th at 2pm for our final Show & Tell this summer before we begin physically preparing for the Sandbox’s opening. This week , we will be looking at the powerful and versatile blender program where I will be demonstrating it’s ability to calculate…
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OpenMW: The Future of The Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind

Image Source: A few months ago, back in June, I wrote an article regarding the open source revitalization of Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall through the Unity engine, which you can find HERE. As it turns out, there is an open source project for what I consider to be the greatest ( as far as…
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Let’s Create Mario Game with GDevelop5 on 4th August @ 2 pm

We will learn how to create the Mario Game with GDevelop5 open-source game development software. You can check it out by joining here. If you want to follow up you can download the software from here.

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GDevelop5: Develop Game With No Programming

Hola!!! Today, we will talk about the open-source game development software which is called GDevelop5. It let you create games like platformers, puzzles, shoot ’em up, strategy, 8-bit, hyper-casual games. With GDevelop, you can make simple projects for fun, create ambitious indie games like Lil BUB’s HELLO EARTH, Hyperspace Dogfights, or even build the next hit, grossing 1 million downloads like Vai Juliette!…
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MuseScore 3: An Open-Source Alternative to Sheet Music Based Composition

Image Source: This week, we are taking a look at an Open -Source musical tablature editor called MuseScore 3. I discovered this fantastic program when I was searching for printable blank sheet music on which to practice my musical compositions. As it turns out, not only is MuseScore 3 an effective digital alternative to…
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Useful Sources to Get Started in Twine

Twine is a free, open source, interactive game creator, that is simple and easy for anyone wishing to play around with game development. There is a wide array of tools to use including different tasks, formats, tags, and many more. To make things a bit easier for you, I am providing a short list of…
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How to Create Simple Interactive Fiction Games through Twine! July 28th @ 2 pm

If you’re an aspiring video game developer or just want to do something for fun, Twine is a great solution! It’s a free, open source, interactive fiction game creator, that makes video game creation simple and fun. Join here to see a demo on the basics of Twine and some of the easiest ways to…
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Autonomous Vehicle: Self Driving Car Simulator

Hello, today we will talk about the simple working of self-driving cars using python and deep learning. We will create a convolutional neural network in the Keras framework that will detect the road and automatically turn the steering as per the path. Let’s Get Started First of all, we need to download the dataset for…
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